Research and Conferences

"Without mathematics, there’s nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers " - Shankuntala Devi

My research interests lie in p-adic numbers and the structure of valuations of special sequences, special functions, polynomials over finite fields and p-adic analysis. Currently, I'm working on p-adic valuations of integer sequences with Dr Victor Moll.


Research talks:

  • Southern Regional Number Theory Conference, LSU, Baton Rouge (March 2022)

  • AWM Pitt Grad Seminar, University of Pittsburgh, virtual (March 2022)

  • WCNT: Problems in Number theory, virtual (Dec 2021)

  • Invited speaker at virtual AMS Fall Southeastern Sectional Meeting (Nov 2021)

  • Graduate student mentor at Polymath Jr REU. (June-Aug 2021)

  • Short research talk at Southern Regional Number Theory Conference, LSU (March 2020)(Cancelled due to COVID)

  • Short research talk at Math For All, Tulane University, (March 2020)

  • Research talk at Math Graduate Student Colloquium, Tulane University, (Fall 2021, Spring 2020, Spring 2019, Spring 2018)

Conferences :

  • Joint Math Meetings, Virtual (April 2022)

  • IMBM Number Theory Seminar, Istanbul Center for Mathematical Sciences, Virtual (April 2021)

  • Joint Math Meeting, Virtual (Jan 2021)

  • Joint Math Meetings, Denver (Jan 2020)

  • p-adic Modular forms and Galois representations, University of Sheffield (July 2019)

  • Southern Regional Number Theory Conference, LSU (April 2019 )

  • AWM Research Symposium, Rice University (April 2019)